Sunday, January 27, 2008

Canadians on Texas Juries

I do not have time to post today, but if you are desperate to read something I have written. and you are interested in a serious discussion of the most pressing social issue of our time, you can read my discussion of the dangers posed by the presence of Canadian wetbacks on Texas juries, posted on bartoncii.


Left Atomics said...

Interestingly I once learned that Canadians represent the second largest set of undocumented workers in the US, right behind Mexico.

Charles Barton said...

No one knows how many illegal Canadians there are in the country, or even for that matter how many legal Canadian residents we have. I use the issue of illegal Canadians as a mirror to the issue of illegal Hispanics. No one really cares because Canadians are like Americans who prefer Molson to Budweiser, curling to basketball, and First Natians to Indians. My "Canadian" jokes are reeally about American attitudes, not Canada and Canadians. You can find my Canadian posts here.

DV8 2XL said...

This was funny when I first read it and I knew what you were driving at, however subsequently I have been told that 'Canadian' is a coded euphemism for African-American and I'm not so sure anymore.

Charles Barton said...

It much more fun to use the prosecutor's slur, as a basis to make fun of right wind attitudes on undocumented immigrants. There are undocumented Canadians in the United States too, no one knows ore even cares how many. We have a hard time thinking of the Canadians as being "other" because they seem so much like us. Thus is the real issue with undocumented Hispanics their violation of the law, or is it their perceived otherness?

The Houston prosecutor has little reason to insult any citizen who willingly serves on a Texas Jury for the measly sum of $5 a day. If I were his boss, I would fire him.

David Walters said...

I agree. I got your humor on this, but I wanted to note it anyway. I've just seen estimates, and actually that was about 10 years ago, about "Canadian Illegals". You are correct, no one cares, of very obvious reasons.


Sione said...

If a man is in the USA and he finds an employer who voluntarily employs him to do work, and he finds another man who voluntarily rents him a house to live in, and he finds another man who will sell him food, and he finds another man who will sell him clothing, and so on, what is the trouble with that? How can you reasonably object to a man doing what a man is supposed to do?


Charles Barton said...

Sione, I agree with you. I have no problem with people crossing borders in order to find employment. I do have a problem with making it illegal to do so.


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