Friday, January 11, 2008

The future of nuclear power

We are talking about a movement that is left over from the 1970's. A generation has passed. Lovins, Caldicott, and Nader are voices from the past. They recite the same words over and over, but their formulas no longer have meaning. Events of 20 or 30 years ago fade from memory. What people remember now is that reactors supply electric power year after year. People are no loner afraid of nuclear power, and calls for more fear are falling on deaf ears.


DV8 2XL said...

The thing is that until these people are exposed as being toothless, they will still get press and other media coverage ant time somebody needs an antinuclear quote or sound-bite.

Also, there is still a knee jerk reaction against nuclear by folks that haven't stopped to look into the matter coupled with a vague belief that there is a solar/wind etc solution 'just around the corner.'

We have a lot of work to do explaining the waste, proliferation, and safety concerns that even open-minded people come up with.

Greenpeace is going to fight dirty in the U.K. now because their credibility in the English-speaking world is on the line. The nonsense about childhood leukemias near reactors that they have pushed in friendly British papers yesterday is the first shot, watch for others in the next few weeks as things heat up over there.

Charles Barton said...

The key decision makers are no longer intimidated. Here the key decision makers makers are electrical company executives who are beginning to order new reactors. In the UK it is the Labor government. The Labor governments decision is most significant, because it is a clear manifestation of a political will. The Labor government can be assumed to be acting in the political interest of the labor party. It is clear from the consultation report that there is far more support than opposition to nuclear power from people who responded to the questions.

Not only has the Labor government determined that nuclear power is in its political interest, it is convinced that none of the Green objections to Nuclear power are valid. Like American electric company executives, the British government is convinced that nuclear power is a safe, cost effective long rang approach to fighting global warming. It could only have done so if it had rejected all of the Green contentions about nuclear power.

Do not underestimate the ramifications of the British government decision. There are people in the Democratic Party. and European politicians who will undoubtedly pay careful attention.


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