Saturday, January 5, 2008

Oil Drum Debate

There is an excellent discussion on anti-nuclear arguments in the Oil Drum: Europe:

The Post, New Nuclear Reactors For The UK: Is This Really A Good Idea?

The post is offered by David Fleming, the Founder Director of the Lean Economy Connection. I think you already get the idea that we are going to get a poverty, deprivation and life without air conditioning in Teaas summers will be good for us message. Flemming uncritically reproduces Stormsmith's arguments.

The First post asked Flemming, "You do realise that the Storm-smith work has been entirely discredited?" Even if Flemming did, it is doubtful that the realization would matter to him. Another poster called attention to a critique of Stormsmith that I was previously unfamiliar with. that of Roberto Dones, of the Paul Scherrer Institute, in Switzerland:

Critical note on the estimation by Storm van Leeuwen J.W. and Smith P. of the energy uses and corresponding CO2 emissions from the complete nuclear energy chain

Brian Wong waded in on the fight armed with his usual surplus of internet links.

There is unfortunately, little debate of Flemming's pro-poverty line.


DV8 2XL said...

I keep harping on this I know but the Storm-Smith nonsense has all the indications of a bought and paid for piece of propaganda.

The time is ripe to expose the efforts of coal and others in the carbon-based energy sector to undermine nuclear in the the eyes of the public with outright lies.

Charles Barton said...

Actually Storm-Smith was bought and paid for by the European Greens, as they openly acknowledge.

Anonymous said...

Furthermore, all the uranium conclusions of Storm-Smith are obsolete with the advent of liquid-fluoride thorium reactors.


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