Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Oil Drum Post tomorrow

Finally, I got word that my Oil Drum post will be up in the morning.

Update 4/3/08: The Oil Drum debate has sort of been posted. However, it has been posted on The Oil Drum Europe which no one reads. Whether it will be posted on The main Oil Drum page remains to be seen. The European editor, Chris Vernon, is a closet anti-nuclear fanatic, and a world class idiot. He introduced the nuclear debate post with a letter from a British MP, Colin Challen, who proves that the UK has dumb politicians too!

At any rate the Introduction quoted Challen aqs saying:

John Hutton's latest reflections on nuclear power demonstrate how rapidly British energy policy is regressing to its default mode - dig it up and burn it. At the same time as we are promised the nuclear pipe dream, we are also set to have new coal-powered power stations without carbon capture and storage. This comes at the same time as we have fought for one of the lowest renewables targets in the EU, are languishing third from bottom in current renewables provision out of 27 EU states, and are announcing yet another microgeneration review.
The message Hutton's department seems to want to promulgate in its energy policy is to reassure everybody that no serious change is needed, that we should carry on increasing our demand for energy and that climate change isn't as urgent as some people make out. One can only conclude that the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform is utterly unfit for purpose and should have the title Department for Fiddling While Rome Burns.

Colin Challen MP
Lab, Morley & Rothwell

Chris Vernon assures me that he is not an anti-nuclear fanatic. Well there I go again shooting off my mouth.

3 comments: said...

I hope this was your last post at TOD.

Nuclear energy deserves more than blind fanatics like yourself.

Charles Barton said...

And exactly how do I demonstrate my fanaticism?

Gign said...

Charles, you simply know too much about it, thats the way some people think :)


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