Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Oil Drum Zombie Attack

The Oil Drum Nuclear Debate has given me a flash back to the zombie attach survivors story, "The Dawn of the Dead," in which the Zombies keep coming and coming and coming. This morning I came across a comment by one "Crusty" which accused me of lying abut the cost of French nuclear power. The funny thing is that I had not written a word about French nuclear power. The same commenter prefaced his claim that I had lied about French nuclear power with a lament that name calling in the debate was not helpful and was obscuring facts. I laughed at the incongruity of "Crusty's" comments.

The anti-nuks keep trying to raise new arguments, each more crazy than the last. Like the Zombies in Dawn of the Dead, they are brain dead, but they keep trying to bite the living, in hopes of making us brain dead as well.


Noah said...

Wow, I stumbled across this blog on accident. I was looking for a good zombie picture. lol.

I did a paper on nuclear energy a few quarters back. And to me, it seems to be one of the best options for power.

Interesting blog, I like it. I'll just have to visit again.

xiani89 said...

I am in schooling at the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command and I honestly knew nothing about nuclear power until I came here and I now think that it is the best option for power in the future. I think that at the very least it should be considered an option by all of these anti-nuke fanatics if only they would listen to the facts and truth about nuclear power instead of all these lies and exaggerations told by the press and the uneducated. Unfortunately, that us up to them but that is a cool zombie picture. I like it.

Anonymous said...

Nuclear power is great for submarines and such, but in the commercial arena, I just can't agree with it. It far too complicated to simply boil water. No new nuclear power plants have been built on US soil for very good reasons. Three mile island and Chernobyl would be a great lesson learned.

Anonymous said...

I have read up on the Three Mile Island and Chernobyl accidents and to be honest, those were stupid mistakes that could have been easily avoided if only everyone working at the plant was actually trained enough to know what was going on. Also, the power plant designs that they were using were terrible and there have been many changes made because of those tragedies so I think that the US should at least consider Nuclear Power an option. Find a better way to dispose of the waste and I think it is actually a viable solution to the current energy problem.


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