Monday, July 14, 2008

The World's Dirtiest Oil

On my other official blog bartoncii, I write on a variety of recurring topics. One of my recurring topics is Canada and Canadians. I milk a lot of humor from the obliviousness of Americans to Canada's existence, and to the alleged foreignness of Canadians. Thus I might discuss the problem of Canadian wetbacks, Canadian illegal aliens, who swim across the Great Lake in order to find jobs in the United States. It may be co-incidence, but since I started writing about Canada, the value of the Canadian dollar has risen quite nicely against the United States dollar. One of the reason for that is the export of Canadian Oil to the United States.  Canada has become the new Saudi Arabia, and the Canadians are considering a national referendum about replacing the Polar Bear as their national animal with Camel.  Camel advocates believe that it would encourage Canadians to think of Global Warming as a positive thing.  

Oil does not flow as a liquid from the ground in Canada the same way it comes out of wells in the United States.  Above is a picture of oil flowing from the ground Canadian style.  You might notice that the Canadians are not such great environmentalist either. In fact they are just about as bad as we Americans are.  

This video explains.

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Anonymous said...

I'd even prefer Edward Teller's idea of nuking the athabasca tar sands rather than wasting all that natural gas, but I doubt it's even remotely allowed under the nuclear test ban.


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