Friday, September 5, 2008

The EEStory Revisited

All has been quiet on the EEStor front. EEStor insiders have suddenly lost their desire to communicate. We have another looming deadline. ZENN Motors has stated that EEStor will deliver a EESU before the end of the year. Of course they said that last year too. There are still faithful believers and less than faithful skeptics, holding forth on EEStory. Hope spring eternals. don't hold your breath.


RMS said...

It sounds like the beginning, the beginning of the End.

I guess what nudged to the pessimist side was eternal optimist b(b)'s last posting. Entitled "Finger Licking Good," it was a very long, confusing diary about how the battery will surely arrive. The specific part that hit home was the mention of an alleged plan to build production lines. I'm not an engineer, but it would seem prudent to have a fully tested, functional battery BEFORE plunging millions and millions into constructing a production line (let alone anything tied to it).

I posted a comment to this effect and it has been met with no response from b(b), who by his/her own admission, is an investor.

Charles Barton said...

The absence of a prototype always bothered me. Why build a production line if you don't know if your product will work?

Neurovore said...

Maybe it is based on the same reasoning as the whole "corn-into-ethanol" subsidies idea. They are building something of questionable engineering and practicality to distract people from the fact that they are indeed pointlessly squandering both time and money for no reason.


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