Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Greenpeace Business Plan

Greenpeace is a business, with an innovative business plan. Greenpeace stages dramatic demonstrations. TV and newspapers report the demonstrations. The dramatic nature of reports on Greenpeace demonstrations draw viewers and readers to the media stories, thus generating millions of dollars worth of free publicity for Greenpeace. Wealthy people feeling guilty about the environmental consequences of their lifestyle, see videos and read stories about Greenpeace demonstrations. They make donations to Greenpeace. TV news reports featuring Greenpeace demonstrations receive increases in viewers, and newspapers also carrying stories receive increases in readership. Thus the next time Greenpeace stages a demonstration, press coverage increases. The increase in press coverage increases Greenpeace's income. This then is a significant part of the Greenpeace business plan.


DV8 2XL said...

They are in fact nothing more than simple mountebanks. Their real mission is to convince their paying supporters that agitprop theater can make a difference despite the fact that it has been dead for sixty years, Their claim of ‘raising awareness’ is patently false since they only tend to target popular issues, where, by definition, there is high awareness in the public mind.

If you want an example of real public awareness raising, look to the protests that attend every major meeting of the World Trade Organization. The WTO would very much like to keep its meetings out of the public eye, that’s why the protesters set a few city blocks on fire; they know that the news outlets have to cover an event like that no mater what.

I’m not saying I agree with the protesters - I’m just pointing out that they are the real thing. Greenpeace and the like, are frauds.

Robert Hargraves said...

If you want to figure out the business plan, you can do some analysis. Here's a 990 from one of the Greenpeace organizations. You can get more 990s if you register, for free, at

Bob Hargraves


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