Friday, October 31, 2008

Gas Mileage Extension Technology

When I was younger auto magazines advertised all sorts of gas millage extenders. These included fancy carburetors, exotic spark plugs, and stuff to add to your gas. Word was that these things worked, but the gas companies always bought them up to prevent drivers from cutting down on gas use. If you could get a hold of everything, and installed it, you got such good gas millage, that you would have to pump gas out of your tank every evening. Otherwise yor gas tank would overflow. The problem got worse the longer you drove, and gallons of gas would gush out of the tank. Needless to say, EXXON put a stop to that. They bought the patents and burned all technical data, as well as destroying the factory where things were produced. But EXXOR saved one of them and hooked it up to a Saudi Oil field. All the oil in the world has been pumped dry, but EXXON still is making gas. It costs them nothing. The inventors were sent abroad and never heard from again. Now I ask you, would I make this story all up? I will take an oath on the Bhagavad-Gita that every word is true, so help me Vishnu.

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Jason Ribeiro said...

There are a lot of "gas saver" items being sold all over the internet like those HHO things for example. Word is that none of them work according to many independent testers. Though we don't really need gadgets to get good gas mileage, we need better cars. Japan and the EU already have the mileage standards that the US market is trying to achieve with CAFE by 2020.


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