Monday, October 20, 2008

Readership and Zombie attacks

Google supplies its bloggers with a good deal of information on our readers, including pages viewed. Out of 7000 hits on Nuclear Green last month 2800 came to look at one post, titled Oil Drum Zombie Attack. The hits were drawn by a picture of a group of attacking zombies that land near the top of the google image search pile, when searching for images of zombie attacks. The original post was an expression of frustration following a post on "The Oil Drum" that drew wave after wave of mindless attacks from anti-nuclear commenters. Because of the low intellectual quality of these attacks, I dubbed them zombie attacks. I decided to illustrate my account of the Oil Drim Zombies with a picture, and the picture draws a mob of viewers. The Zombie viewers stay on average, 20 seconds. But Hay, traffic is traffic. Of course I would never deliberately add a picture of Zombies to my blog, just to increase my traffic. The picture of Zombie voters to the right of this page is solely for the edification of my readers, who need to be able to recognize what Zombie voters look like as they cast their votes during the upcoming election. Zombies hanging out in voting booth are a hazard to voters, and they should be avoided. This is my sole reason for posting the picture.  I do not intend to discuss who the Zombies are going to vote for.  I am sure that my readers have views.  I did, however, recently hear a Zombie say that he would like to bite Sarah Palin.  I am sure that Alaska First Dude Todd Palin would not let that happen.

By the way, according to Google, 4200 readers hit or visited my site during the last 30 days who were not looking for Zombie attacks.  


Anonymous said...

Charles, I am not a zombie. I am a senior nuclear designer at a prominent power plant, and I value your excellent ideas.

I have been zombie-swatting for about 8 years now. I find they alert each other to attack certain blogs in concert (together), and they generally each use up to half a dozen bogus login names to increase apparent visibility.

Their venom means you must be on to something.

Keep up the good work

Harry Springer

BILL said...


For more traffic try adding the phrase

"Candid nude photos"

to your site. But please, not yourself!

Charles Barton said...

Bill this is a family friendly blog, so i will leave the naughty pictures alone. If i put nude pictures of my self this blog, the internet would be in danger of burning down, because I am so hot.


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