Friday, October 24, 2008

Use your old hard drives to stop global warming


Jason Ribeiro said...

Too bad I didn't see this earlier, I just dumped 4 old hd's into the ewaste pile. Who knew I could have helped save the planet with them!

Soylent said...

If a lot of people do just a little bit the end result is still just a little bit. Just because it adds up to a big number doesn't mean that it magically becomes a big fraction of total power consumption.

If he's afraid of heavy metals in harddrives(which would be in the solder on the circuit board, which he's pressumably throwing away), why would he want to keep this stuff around where he comes in contact with it?

Luke said...

Well, this looks pretty cool, on principle. Old hard drives are pretty easy to find, and even the really old ~1 Gb ones which nobody could possibly want still contain similar bearings and neodymium-iron-boron magnets as do modern hard drives.

Still, does the Clean Republic website provide any technical information, or detailed drawings, or a more technical description of how they've built it and how it performs?

This YouTube video is not enough information to allow other people to easily replicate what they've done, and providing more information would be great.

Charles Barton said...

Luke, The next stage of the project is to turn it over to MIT for development.


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