Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gioachino Rossini's La gazzetta - Opera in 10 minutes

Ok guys, enough of this shallow stuff about saving humanity from global warming and a low energy future. Here is what happens if you advertise for a husband for your daughter in the newspaper. Lisetta is sung by Stefania Bonfadelli. In a really updated version the add would be on Craig's List. Would you believe that this lively opera was a flop in 1816?

La gazzetta (The Newspaper)
Music by Gioachino Rossini, libretto by Giuseppe Palomba, based on a play by Carlo Goldoni entitled Il matrimonio per concorso.
First performance:
Naples – Teatro de' Fiorentini
26 September 1816

D. POMPONIO STORIONE, a fanatical and ambitious man, father of Lisetta, buffo bass
LISETTA, a scheming, silly girl, lover of Filippo, soprano
FILIPPO, innkeeper, an odd and shrewd young man, lover of Lisetta, bass
DORALICE, a traveller, mezzo-soprano
ANSELMO, her father, bass
ALBERTO, a well-born young man who is going about trying to find a satisfactory wife, tenor
MADAMA LA ROSE, a traveller, mezzo-soprano

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