Monday, December 29, 2008

Solar and Snow

A solar powered house in snow
Snow removal from solar cells
Does Amory Lovins personally remove the snow from the solar cells at at his home in Snowmass, Colorado?


donb said...

As we all know, falling to the ground while removing snow from your solar panels or wind turbine causes only mild death. The exhaust of natural gas, coal and oil produces cases of moderate death. But even the tiniest radiation releases from a nuclear plant result in severe death.

Jim Baerg said...

I long ago concluded that in a snowy climate any solar energy collectors should be on an equator-facing wall rather than on a roof. This will also tend to optimize energy collection in winter over collection in summer & make the energy collection more nearly even year round.

Around here I've seen a few solar powered radio relays etc. on mountain tops & those had the solar cells vertical & facing south. This area is sunny enough in winter that solar water & space heating can make sense IF the collector is on a south facing wall rather than the roof.

Jim Baerg
51° N 114°W

David Walters said... can do the solar-panels-on-the-wall on rooftops by building a glass or plastic 'box' around them to give them essentially a vertical screen....*plox@#@#$* why am I being dragged into this discussion?????




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