Saturday, January 24, 2009

"Environmentalists" and Environmentalism

My criticism of environmentalists has nothing to do with sound environmental policies and truly "green" technologies which I support. It has to do with the tendency of some environmentalists to set up shibboleths that are really detrimental to the environment and the well being of future human inhabitants of the earth. I am certainly not critical of environmentalists who are willing to talk rationally about nuclear power. What I object to is the environmentalists who simply raise one objection after another to nuclear power without ever thinking through the points that advocates make. I further object to the hyping of renewables, without an honest assessment of their limitations and costs, I am very much a thinking environmentalist, an environmentalist who believes that it is possible for the world to be a well-cared-for home for the human species for a long time to come. I also believe that the goals of environmentalism are wholly consistent with human prosperity, and that increasing the wealth and energy resources of society makes it far easier to realize environmental goals. Poverty leads to far more environmental destruction than wealth does.

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Marcel F. Williams said...

I'm a strong environmentalist! That's why I prefer nuclear power over fossil fuels and over most renewable energy sources-- especially wind.

Renewables are a lot more land and material intensive than nuclear. Wind of course is deleterious to bats and birds while also being an aesthetic eye sore.

Most Americans utilize clean nuclear energy while mostly never ever seeing a nuclear facility-- especially anti-nuclear California. Ironically, California not only produces its own nuclear electricity but also imports nuclear electricity from Arizona:-)

Marcel F. Williams


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