Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nuclear security

Information about the exact security of American reactors is not exactly bantied about on the Internet, but we can infer something from information passed on by Knoxville journalist Frank Munger who has long covered Oak Ridge affairs. These photos primarily reflect Y-12 security. At right we see security personel carrying a military style weapons. This is not quite armed to the teeth but far more firepower than you would find with a typical rent a cop. What you want to bet that the guards at Watts Bar Unit 1 carry the same sort of weapons?

Now the lady below is armed to the teeth. You have got to watch out for those East Tennessee women. I would only say the nicest things about the Tennessee Vols if I were talking to her. Wouldn't you? Now a Gatlin gun, that is impressive firepower. I would almost suspect that they have Stinger Missiles too. Shhh! I should not give too much away.

At any rate what we are looking at is some of the firepower that might be available to protect American reactors from terrorists attacks.

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arcs_n_sparks said...

Ah, the Dillon Aero M134D, very nice weapon. A number of DOE sites have them. As you suggest, you will not get a lot of details of the weapons and deployment strategies for those protecting SNM and such.


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