Friday, January 30, 2009

Update on my father

I received an update from David last evening. The reason for the belated nature of the update is clear. Daddy has been transfered to a skilled nursing care facility that does not have a wifi internet connection, so David can't email from Daddy's room. Here is what David
Mid-afternoon yesterday (Wednesday), Daddy was transferred to NHC, a skilled nursing facility in Oak Ridge. He is in room 120, a semi-private room. The other bed in the room is unoccupied, so it's fairly comfortable now. The staff seems cooperative and attentive, but very much by the book.

They got Daddy out of bed for a couple of hours today, sitting up in a chair. He seems in good spirits and anxious to get better so that he can get out and go home. I was doing some stretching after I helped him with his breakfast and he indicated that he would like to join in. So we did some arm waving and stretching and he actually did some semi situps. He's been eating well here, finishing most of the food brought to him, and staying awake and alert more than he has for the last couple of days. He's a bit fatigued tonight, but ate almost all of his supper.

Hopefully, he will soon be able to get out of his room (in a wheeled chair) and participate in some of the activities they offer here. I purchased a TV for his room today, allowing Daddy and Anna Kate to indulge their CNN addiction. . . .

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ab said...

Hey Charles,

Damn good to hear about your old man being in good spirits and anxious to get home.


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