Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ontario's proposed feed in tariffs for renewables

Ontario's proposed feed in tariffs for renewables. (Hat tip to Tyler Hamilton)

80.2 cents per kilowatt-hour for rooftop solar.
19 cents for offshore wind of any size (first jurisdiction in N.A. to set price)
13.5 cents for onshore wind of any size
14.7 for biogas under 5 MW.
44.3 cents for 10-MW-plus solar, sliding to 71.3 cents as projects scale down to 10 kilowatts.

Hamilton has more details here.
We can begin counting the cost of [r]evolution.


Soylent said...

Yowsa. I've seen ridiculous feed-in-tarriffs before, but that's just bizzare.

lad said...

As I live in Ontario, this is just depressing. The sad thing is, many energy professionals have tried to talk sense into the Liberal government, but to no avail. Facts and science do not fit into their agenda. They are more interested in control of energy and the standard of living.

David Walters said...

Doesn't Ontario also plan to phase out coal use by building up it's nuclear?

Charles Barton said...

Nuclear did not cover all of the coal power that was to be phased our, and the renovation of old nuclear plants proved to more expensive than anticipated.


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