Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sorensen to Revise Energy from Thorium Document Archieve

Kirk Sorensen phoned me last night to tell me that he is moving the Energy from Thorium Document Archives to Twitter. I ask Kirk about how Twitter's 140 character would effect the quality of the reports, Kirk told me that recent research by university science and nuclear engineering departments showed that their students never read ore that 140 characters of an assignment. "Students never write more than 140 characters in there research papers now," Kirk told me.

"I suppose that puts a lot of pressure on professors to cover material in detail during their lectures," I observed.

"Are you kidding," Kirk said. "Universities are now advising professors to cut off their lectures after 140 characters."

"What happens in class after a professor reaches the 140 character limit?" I asked.

"Students bring their iPhones to class," Kirk responded,

"Do they text message their friends?"

"No, they complain that the 140 character limit that etiquette now imposes on text messages prevents meaningful communication, so they play video games with their iPhones."

"Isn't this effecting the quality of education?" I asked Kirk.

"I don't know," Kirk responded, "but last week three reactors under the control of nuclear engineering graduates may have had core melt downs."

"May have?" I asked.

"Yes," Kirk said, "but we are not sure what happened, because the Twitter stories stopped before they could tell us what happened."

I just turned on my Television. President Obama was on. Something about nuclear weapons in Afghanistan, i could not tell what it was, because when president Obama reached the 140 character limit, the network cut him off.


Yogi said...

Is it April 1st already? ;)

rmaltese said...

Hilarious. And I was just wondering who will take on the jobs when they start building these Nuclear Plants that are gaining momentum. I hope there are enough new generation people getting past the 140 character limit.

Here's a trial lesson in 140 characters

LFTR is Moltn Salt reactr that uses Th cycle to produz cheap, safe,nuke-bomb-free fuel & no waste. Write congress so the guys at the top know yur doing yor homework (135 characters)

ab said...

Well played, CB.


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