Sunday, May 17, 2009

Evidence of past Flying Swine Flue Epidemics

Contrary to the totally false rumors that Rosemary and George Clooney came from Cincinnati, the real truth is that no one comes from Cincinnati, Well almost no one. My friend Kim who is otherwise an extremely fine person claims to come from Cincinnati Kim tells me such strange things that makes me wonder, like the existence of a Cincinnati haute cuisine dish called five way Cincinnati chilly. She also claims that they still eat white bread in Cincinnati. She claims that the mythological Cincinnati Reds baseball team is not, as David Walters tells me, a Karl Marx study group. Most awesome of all is her claim that there have been repeated waves of flying swine flue in Cincinnati, and that there are many monuments to those creatures in the fictional city of Cincinnati where they still eat white bread.

She has supplied me with these pictures which suggest that the previous episodes of flying swine flue in Cincinnati lead to the creation of a flying pig cult there. Note that the ignorant people have inaccurately depicted the Flying Swine with wings. Who knows what else people who tell you they are from Cincinnati will tell you about the flying swine flue victims.

Monuments to Flying Swine Flue abound in Cincinnati.

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Left Atomics said...

Very funny...when I was in the Young Socialist Alliance in the early 1970s, the
"Sin City" branch of the YSA had t-shirts that had on it in big red letters:
"The REAL Cincinnati Reds"



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