Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Reading the Energy Collective

Recently a writer on the Energy Collective argued that the defenders of the Nuclear Industry should ignore attacks on that industry, because responding to such attacks was "not acting like winners." Nuclear defenders were told, "get over yourselves."

This morning I commented on Rod Adams' blog:
Reading the Energy Collective is a little like watching professional wrestling. The referee berates the good guys for supposed rules infractions, while looking the other way when the heavies break the rules right and left. i just do not have patience for that.

This morning the Energy Collective posted an all-out attack on Nuclear Power by crazy Joe Romm. And if we respond, we will of course be told to ignore it. get over ourselves, and act like winners, which of course is to act like losers.


David Walters said...

Yes, but...Romm is like Wasserman on the Daily Kos...he's a hit and run blogger. The real discussion in on the *original* post here:

About 11 comments, all oozing love for Joe.


Charles Barton said...

Romm censors comments on his blog. He would not post my comments, so I now skip Climate Progress. Romm is not willing to subject his ideas to critical review,

DV8 2XL said...

The problem is we are getting hung up fighting the Romms, and not enough time is being spent on outreach. We can talk amongst ourselves about the benefits of molten salt reactors and thorium fuel, but if the message isn't getting out to the general public, we are accomplishing nothing.

Charles Barton said...

I saw last year the futility of fighting Romm, and started ignoring him, after he started censoring my comments on his blog. I realized that Romm fronts for Amory Lovins. I think that next to kirk no one has identified himself more closely with the MSR/LFTR message more often than I have, or has told the story more often or in more different ways. Now i talk about other issues, the high cost of renewables, sometimes the costs of LWRs, the logical errors of nuclear critics. I have consistently written about the same set of topics since I started writing nuclear green, and if i stop writing about some of them, I will probably pick up some of my old blogging topics on my other blog, and write about them again.

djysrv said...

Just so you know I posted a reply to Romm at the Energy Collective using words like "dishonest" and "baloney." You're right about him being a "hit & run" type since he did not respond.

Charles Barton said...

Yes you have Dan. Good for you!

Barry Brook said...

"Romm censors comments on his blog"

I had precisely the same experience. First with some -ve comments on a CSP thread, then some +ve comments I tried to make on one of his nuclear threads. I, like you Charles, gave up on his site after that. It's bipolar -- he gets that there is a climate/energy crisis, and fails utterly to get that being dogmatic about energy options is not going to get us anywhere.


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