Friday, May 22, 2009


Through Nuclear Power
For the greens, the word “Renewable” is a holy word; a sacred word; consecrated by the high priests of environmentalism to evoke the divine. It has taken many years of political Spin Meistering to impart this divine connotation that green energy must instantly evoke in the minds of men. To be Renewable is to be close to the divine. The angels are totally renewable. Doesn’t renewable connote life after death; resurrection, life without end? Yes, Renewable is a powerful word. The advocates of nuclear energy have the audacity to hijack this blessed word; what a sacrilege for the greens. Nuclear energy is the fiery breath from hell; a radioactive maelstrom of evil, of hellish heat, that only means death and destruction. Nuclear cannot ever be renewable. Renewable nuclear power is blasphemy, a perversion of the holy and the sacred, profanity of the most high. It would be the ultimate high sacrilege to the followers of the green religion.
- Axil
Renewables without nuclear will bring

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