Wednesday, June 24, 2009

LFTR with hype

Lets not get carried away, please. Even with the LFTR we are not going to be able to walk on water!


David Walters said...

Who is behind this "Thorium energy alliance"?

Charles Barton said...

Rick Maltese

Anonymous said...

No, it's John Kutsch with others (including me) participating.

Jason Ribeiro said...

Charles, in defense of the video, I don't see any "hype" as you might describe it, as nothing was said by the narrator that was out of the bounds of reason. There was no mention of walking on water.

I might have picked a different music track but this is a decent first start at trying to get some buzz going around LFTR.

While we're on the topic of hype, I'm going to say that the nuclear industry and its supporters are going to have to use some hype and get more comfortable with it in the future if they ever hope to have a chance at getting people to pay attention to them. Please come out of the geek shell and shout to the world how great your product is! Keep repeating it as much as possible to get the message through. For all the hype brought against the nuclear industry, it's now time to respond to that with a clear message.

I know a lot of technical types aren't comfortable with "hype" but that's what's needed now if you want people to share your enthusiasm about your product. If you don't show you care, no one else will. Getting bogged down in technical arguments turns a lot of people away and often the one on the correct side of the argument ends up losing because the confused public will side with "better safe than sorry" opposition argument.

If the nuclear industry thinks it can continue with the same (non) marketing program in the past then it will automatically resign itself to being a supportive role in the energy market, and never be a leader.

I think this was a great video after all. It encapsulated most of the message of your whole blog and that of the 3 LFTR lectures at bottom of your page in just over 4 minutes. Keep in mind most people have short attention spans. I'd estimate that less than 1% of the population knows what LFTR or thorium even is, so please don't pan the video as "hype" when it's your best advertisement to date. There is some truth to the statement that any publicity is good publicity.

Charles Barton said...

Jason, there are a couple of claims in the video, that I take strong exception too. I have communicated them to Kirk. except for these two flaws the video is ok. We have a great deal to iffer, but we should not be blind to our limitations.

Charles Barton said...

Rod, are you still pushing that tired old
Uranium cycle?


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