Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Senator Lisa Murkowski asks, Barack Obama Where's Nuclear

To the shame of pro-nuclear Democrats who have supported him, the Obama administration has failed to develop an effective policy to fight global Warming through the expansion of nuclear powered generation capacity. Senator Lisa Murkowski asks Barack Obama, "Where's Nuclear?"


David Walters said...

This speach by the Senator is one of the finest advocacy pieces for nuclear energy I've seen. Finally, finally, SOMEONE put it altogether. Actually way and above anything Alexander or McCain ever did on the nuclear. As good as anything Domenici ever gave.

Non-partisan, to the point and a good "So, you think, Mr. President YOU are serious about climate change? Please..." A perfect '10'.


Rick Maltese said...

Very important and needed speech. The only debatable part of her presentation would be the part about the need for a repository. The need for reprocessing may have been too controversial but not mentioning it at all in my view is a mistake.

Neurovore said...

I admit that it is difficult to determine just where the Obama administration stands on nuclear energy. At times, people like Steven Chu seem cautiously optimistic about it yet at the same time you have policies that call for the aggressive expansion of "renewables" and hardly any mention of nuclear power. What are the president's true intentions?

Charles Barton said...

Neurovore The situation with Chu is far worse that that. Chu's motto on nuclear seems to be "no we can't." He tells us no we can't while mentioning problems that were solved a generation ago. He says no in the next 20 years we can't train enough people to operate new nuclear power plants. No we can't develop the industrial capacity to build 100 plants in 20 years.

Neurovore said...

That is depressing news. I was quite taken aback when he mentioned that MSR GenIV designs will not be pursued in favor of the IFR even though they might be cheaper to build and have fewer technological hurdles because of "proliferation fears".


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