Thursday, June 11, 2009

Warren F. "Pete" Miller, Jr.,PhD, Nominee for Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy, Department of Energy


Office of the Press Secretary
June 10, 2009

President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts

Warren F. "Pete" Miller, Jr., PhD, Nominee for Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy, Department of Energy
Warren F. "Pete" Miller, Jr., PhD, presently serves as a part time Professor at Texas A&M University and is a resident of Albuquerque, NM. Dr. Miller is originally from Chicago, Illinois. He holds a BS from the United States Military Academy at West Point; is a Viet Nam veteran; and holds a PhD in Nuclear Engineering from Northwestern University. Dr. Miller served for many years as a researcher and administrator at Los Alamos National Laboratory, retiring in 2001. He was elected as Fellow of the American Nuclear Society in 1982. He was elected to membership in the National Academy of Engineering in 1996.

Warren F. Miller Jr. Biography - Grew Up in Chicago, Motivated by Military Opportunities, Deepened His Interest in Computers, Activism Brought Rewards

Born Warren Fletcher Miller, Jr., on March 17, 1943 in Chicago, Illinois; married Judith Hunter, February 21, 1969; children: David, Jonathan. Education: United States Military Academy at West Point, BS, engineering, 1964; Northwestern University, MS, engineering, 1970, PhD, engineering, 1972. Military Service: US Army, Captain, 1964-69.

Career: Northwestern University, Nuclear Engineering, assistant professor, 1972-74; Los Alamos National Laboratory, staff member, 1974-76, group leader, 1976-79, associate director, 1979-86, deputy director, 1986-90; University of California-Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, Pardee professor, 1990-92; Los Alamos National Laboratory, Research and Education, associate director, 1992-93, Science & Technology Base Programs, director, 1992-2001; private consultant, 2001-.

Memberships: National Academy of Engineering; National Research Council; American Nuclear Society Fellow.

Awards: US Army, Bronze Star, 1968; US Army, Commendation Medal, 1969; New Mexico Eminent Scholar, 1988; Northwestern University, Merit Award, 1993; National Society of Black Engineers, Golden Torch Award for Distinguished Engineer, 2004.

Miller remained at LANL for 27 years. During his career he held many different positions, rising from his entry-level job to associate lab director for math and physics, associate lab director for energy research, and senior research advisor. In these management positions, he learned many organizational skills in addition to his expertise as an engineer and research scientist. As associate lab director he was responsible for overseeing the work over 2000 scientists. As senior research advisor, his job included deciding which research projects the lab should undertake, recruiting the best scientists to work on those projects, and finding the best laboratory facilities for them to use. Another part of his job was speaking with Congress to gain government funding for research projects.

Several times during his career at LANL, Miller took time off from his work to return to teaching. He is also the author of many research papers and journal articles about his work, including, with a colleague, the book Computational Methods of Neutron Transport, published in 1984, which became a standard textbook for engineering students around the world.

(Did we just get lucky?)


Anonymous said...

We used his book in two of my nuclear engineering classes.

Rod Adams said...

Charles - Thanks for sharing this encouraging news. The momentum continues to build for an American atomic revival.

Anonymous said...

Pete Miller will be absolutely top-class as a leader of the DoE nuclear R&D program. I've known him for many years and worked with him, and have developed great confidence in his judgment and insight. We're real winners to have him in this position.

PhD Research Paper said...

Many institutions limit access to their online information. Making this information available will be an asset to all.

Anonymous said...

Pete Miller is top class. That is exactly why he resigned. He disagreed with the president's ideology.


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