Friday, July 17, 2009

Back in Dallas

I have returned to Dallas, after my visit with the beautiful Ms. Roller in Knoxville. The people of East Tennessee graciously imported their weather from Canada during my visit, and it never reached 90. A broad funnel had been built with the wide end at the canadian bordertr, and the narrow end in Knoxville, which as a consequence enjoyed a number of 70 degree days during my visit. The Synchronous Fireflies of Elkmont put on a grand display, and the hills of East Tennessee werte verdant with the greenest vegitation, as wave after wave of rainstorms past over the Great Vally of East Tennessee. Meanwhile in Dallas, 100 degree + heat appears to have been the norm during my absence. I plan to return to regular posting on Nuclear Green soon.

When my father was a student at the University of Tennessee in the 1930's, Knoxville, a was city where the buildings were once blackened by coal smoke. I entered and left Knoxville via I-40 toward Nashville and drove past the infamous Kingston Steam plant where a hugely polluted and radioactive slurry of coal fly ash polluted the Tennessee River a few months ago. A handful of phony saviors of the environment in Tennessee have always prefered dirty coal to clean nuclear power. No doubt they are taking money under table form the coal coal companies whose interests they obviously serve.

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