Monday, July 6, 2009

"The Capacity Factor"

The Capacity Factor is a new energy blog that is data oriented and which is oriented to comparative studies of energy cost. "uvdiv" is quite obviously well trained in proper data manipulation. He (or she) organizes "life-cycle cost analyses of different power sources," into "a meta-survey." without transgressing the knowledge limits claim that need to be imposed on this approach.

I like uvdiv's approach. He tells us who he is and that he will impose a work in a disciplined fashion.
this blog is about two different things: cheap, clean energy.
I am sometimes uncomfortable with the term "clean energy," because it many so called energy experts use it in an inconsistent fashion, that is derived from ideological concerns that have nothing to do with mitigating global warming. "uvdiv" includes nuclear among the "clean energy sources" and tells us
I will spill ink on the problem of 'eco' scams. I will ridicule silly things like solar panels and biofuels. I will be generally dismissive of wind turbines. And I will be vicious when the subject of natural gas comes up as a "clean energy" sources, being pushed by jokers like T. Boone Pickens and (really) Greenpeace.
"uvdiv" exposes his technological interests
Most off all, I'll exposit my personal favorite, the nuclear breeder reactor. I'll write about alternative nuclear reactors and the science behind closed fuel cycles.
Hhhhhhhhhh! Now who does that remind you of? Needless to say, I would be very happy if "uvdiv" would cross post on Nuclear Green.

"uvdiv" appears to be a scholar and perhaps an academic. He is quite aware of the limitations of his studies.
This is a living document. By which I mean, it's horrible and will need lots of revisions. In many cases my interpretation of which figure is the relevant one for the table may be wrong (FOAK or NOAK? 5% or 10% discount? Supercritical or subcritical steam? Leave the outlier in or throw it out? 2006 figure or 2010 projection (from a 2006 study)? etc., etc.)
Very conscientious, to say the least. Given a reasonable amount of diligence, "uvdiv" is going to give us a very valuable blog.


uvdiv said...

Wow, I'm honored...

I should clarify right away I am in no way an economics wonk, and cannot pretend to write about energy costs beyond simply pointing out published studies. I'm sorry if I've raised too high expectations. :(

"uvdiv" exposes his technological interests

Yes, I'm a LFTR convert. :)

Charles Barton said...

uvdiv, you know something about data, If you have a few Math skills that would be terrific, but not a basic requirement.
Email me, and we can talk about making it happen,


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