Saturday, July 25, 2009

EEStory, new chapter but no prototype II

Talk about recycling titles.

Head EEStor honcho, Dick Wier reappeared in one of his telephone interviews last week, The Interview got recorded, and was posted on the Internet for a while. Transcripts of the interview exist. Tyler Hamilton did a story on it. Tyler's story includes a transcript. Will, one of Tyler's readers commented:
Honestly, this interview drops my confidence…significantly. The basic errors in science that he makes are jaw dropping. Na and K as contaminants for voltage breakdown because of how they work in a solution? Alumina as the highest resistivity material in the world? 1100 V/um for alumina – by it self, sure. Not for 3500V across the 0.3um of the coated material. “The most thing you hear about…these bloggers…is voltage. I just showed you where…you know…it sounds like they don’t read. So the purity and the fact that I have test data (that) showed it…and also the polarization. So I think that overcomes it.” Well, Mr. Weir, no, no it doesn’t. Not even close. On THEEESTORY, an interview with one Dr. Cross has a quote that their claims are “outrageous”. Of course, he also claims that they are scientists, so I’m not sure how much faith I have in Dr. Cross, either.
For me the bottom line on the EEStory has always been no prototype has been released to ZENN Moters for truly independent evaluation. Dick Wier tells us that there can be no prototype will be released until the production line is finished. This is hard to accept. Again we get from Weir words and promises, but no prototypes. I am still waiting for the prototype.

End of story to date.

Update: discussion on EEStory noted that a test of an EESU would not be required to establish EEStor credibility. The test of a single 0.4" square by 0.2" component would do the job nicely. So far EEStor has not offered a component for independent testing.

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