Saturday, July 18, 2009

German Wind Daily Performance From REISI Windmonitor

This data is not directly accessible from the Windmonitor site, but can be accessed through the National Wind Watch (here).

REISI stands for Renewable Energy Information System on the Internet.


Barry Brook said...

Thanks for tracking this down, Charles. I find this graph endless fascinating to watch on a day to day basis (in a morbid sort of way).

Have you come across any similar data streams for other countries?

Charles Barton said...

Barry, i put up every thing I found yesterday. I suspect an annual teacking of wind output for the United States would be a real eye opener. A couple of years ago, David Roberts of Grist let slip that as much as 12 hours of electrical storage would be required to make American wind reliable over 11% of the time, and 10 more hours of storage would add another 2% if time. Roberts did not reveal how much storage would be needed to get the last 2%. I take that to suggest that about 15% of the time, American wind resources would be absent for prolonged periods of time from a few minutes to one or more days.

National Wind Watch -- said...

The Wind-Watch page has graphs and links to data from other countries and regions as well:


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