Friday, July 3, 2009

Kirk Sorensen in Manchester

A year and a half ago, I emailed Kirk and told him to get ready. "Your day will come," I said. And indeed the song "Our day will come," has been one of the theme songs for Nuclear Green:

(This is dedicated to Becky whose day has come at last, and to Kirk whose day, we all hope, will come on Sunday.)

We few, we chosen few, have set out to communicate that solutions to the global energy crisis need not be difficult, that in fact that the solution need not be painful nor expensive, and that the solution comes from a technology that is already known. We few, we happy few, believe that it is perfectly possible, given a chance, that this technology can spread around the world within a couple of decades, and be 2050 it can provide over half of the world's energy.

This weekend Kirk travels to Manchester, England to talk about the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor. Kirk's presentation will be included in the Manchester Report, a summary on some 20 presentations on solutions to climate change that will be presented Saturday and Sunday at the Manchester Town Hall.

400,000 copies of the Manchester Report will be printed as a supplement to an edition of the Guardian. In addition the report will be avaliable on the internet for downloading. Copies of the Report will be sent to World Leaders prior to the December 2009 World Climate Summit in Copenhagen. Recipients will include British MPs, American members of Congress and policymakers in India, China and other regions; business leaders, think tanks and many others.

Members of the Panel preparing the report will include:

Lord Tom Bingham, former chief law lord and Lord Chief Justice for the United Kingdom
Dan Reicher, Director of climate change and energy at, and known enemy of the IFR
Chris Goodall, editor of
Bryony Worthington, founder of

Kirk's solution will come as a shock to the pannel members, because they will not expect a solution that can be so easily deployed, and which will be so inexpensive. Most of all they will not expect a clean nuclear solution. Some panel members may be fanatic anti-nuclear types, or may be so in denial about the potential of nuclear energy, that they may not be ready to accept what Kirk has to offer. The important thing is that Kirk will have a chance to get his story across, and that some people will hear what he has to say.

Update: Kirk reports that he is the only 'Nuclear oriented Manchester presented. Of course, the LFTR answers all of the traditional Green complaints about nuclear power. Lets hope this means that the "greenness" of the LFTR will be recognized in Manchester.

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