Friday, September 11, 2009

Barry Brook Rides Again

The bad guys have shown up in town. They are spreading all sorts of false stories about energy, falsely claiming that nuclear is too expensive and renewables can do the job for virtually nothing. Then into town rides Ranger Barry, and his faithful companion Peter Lang who is an Aussie rather than an Indian. They are determined to put a stop to the cattle-rustling, bank-robbing, claim-jumping shenanigans of the renewables gang.

Unlike the Masked Lone Ranger of the old West, Ranger Barry and faithful companion Peter Lang, come armed with data and analysis rather than six shooters. On August 16, Barry and Peter attempted to clean out a nest of those renewables sidewinders who were trolling the internet looking for trouble. The post drew over 400 comments in response. The solar power sidewinders clearly were not going down without a fight. So faithful sidekick Lang has revised his paper, Solar Realities, and Barry has another post on Solar Realities and Transmission Cost today.

Well as they used to say, a fiery horse, with the speed of fast neutrons, and the cry of Hi Ho Liquid Sodium! Ranger Barry rides again.

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