Saturday, September 19, 2009

Gunplay on EfT

The EfT discussion forum is the present home of an acrimonious dispute between the backers of the infamous IFR (boo! hiss!) and the intelligent and high minded backers backers of the LFTR. Barry Brook and Tom Blees, rode wildly into town guns a-blazin', trying to give the peaceable and Law abiding folk a scare, but we formed a posse, led by Sheriff Sorensen, and we are holding the bad hombres off.

It seems that Sheriff Kirk caught Tom and Barry trying to set up a fancy house - or as they called it a fast breeder - in town, and pulled his shootin' Iron to stop them. They begin to whoopin' and a hollerin' about how fast breedin' was safe according to 242 government experts who were also part of their outlaw gang. The gang is known as the Argonne Bunch.

I suppose it is a sign of the power of the nuclear camp that we can fight about our disagreements among ourselves.


DocForesight said...

Very clever, Charles! And complete with audience participation (boo!hiss!) LOL.

At least some debates can proceed without resorting to ad hominem attacks and assumptions of motives not in evidence (c.f AGW).

Keep up the good work.

Charles Barton said...

Did you notice how Barry Brook went from being a good guy to being a outlaw in less than a week? It kinda reminds me of professional wrestling.

DocForesight said...

Now we're talking! I go back to the days of The Crusher and The Bruiser, "the always capable" Verne Gagne, the masked Dr. X with his "hidden" foreign object, the figure-4-leg lock (a move which should be banned in all States!) ...

Am I dating myself, or what?

Anonymous said...

C'mon Charles--I had a good time before when Barry was the good guy (which he is) but he and Tom are no bad hombres. They're our brothers, and like many families, we have occasional disagreements and squabbles, but we all gather round the dinner table and give thanks for our blessings and each other.

If Sheriff Kirk was playing cops-and-robbers, it was upstairs in his room with his brothers Tom and Barry.

Charles Barton said...

Doc, how about Jacky Fargo, Gorilla Monsoon, Jerry "the King" Lawler, Jerry Jerrett, and Tojo Yamamoto?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else said that hyperlinks don't show up on your blog entries Charles? Maybe it's something to do with Firefox, but I can't see any hyperlinks in your blog entries without moving the cursor over the whole text until they show up under the cursor.

Charles Barton said...

i was unaware of the problem. I blog with Safari, and Camero (a Foxfire variant).

Barry Brook said...

But it's the Sheriff who's bin a picken' the fight, I tell ya, not us law abidin' folk!


Actually, I wouldn't call it acrimonious. More a disagreement among friends :) I'm out to promote both IFR and LFTR.

Charles Barton said...

Barry all you fancy men, with your fast breeders, clim that you are just law abiding folks.

Howard said...

Where's all the documentation for the IFR? I can imagine after ten years of active research there must be thousands of pages of documentation. Having these materials would make the discussion much more lucid and rational. Right now it's Dr. Chang said this and Dr. Chang confirmed that. It's like my dad can kick your dad's butt. If this Chang character is the IFR's 'champion', there in a lot of trouble. He sounds like a putz. We need great passionate people on both sides of the isle working together. These two designs are not that different, they both; have liquid fuel cavities, extensive pumping/piping infrastructure, Brayton type conversion and reprocessing environments. With the real data we can find commonality and pursue parallel development or hybrids or we may all get on the IFR or LFTR bandwagon. Who knows! I do know divided nothing is going to happen.

Charles Barton said...

Howard, you have pointed out a weakness of the support for the IFR. We all owe Kirk Sorensen a great debt, for the creation of the EfT document archive. In the LFTR community expertese is distributed, because everyone has access to the same information. For the IFR community knowledge is placed in a few privilaged hands, and deference is shown to those who are the designated experts. Thus Most IFR supporters tell us that there are no problems because the designated experts say so. In the LFTR community there are no designated experts, and problems are freely acknowledged.

DocForesight said...

Charles, Sorry but those actors ... er, wrestlers ... we're part of my broadcast channel for the Saturday Night All Star Wrestling. But they sound equally diabolical, harmless or "capable" as those we watched.

Thanks again for the short diversion.

Anonymous said...

The flow of history will soon bypass the IFR in favor of the fusion/fission hybrid reactor. The hybrid has a fast spectrum exceeding anything the IFR can do. It will breed nuclear fuel in abundance; it will burn nuclear waste more efficiently than the IFR can, and it does not need to reprocess its fuel. It also has great public relations and governmental support. More importantly, its development is being generously funded is myriad forms around the world.

A vast army of devoted supporters and workers are sped around the world all deeply committed to the success of fusion.

Born in the dawn of the atomic age, the IFR is old in concept and in spirit. Its time is over before it has started. This is the IFR’s real problem; the problem of any complex system that can only do a middling job in the face of a strong competitor.

But fusion has its inherent problems imposed by nature. It has a low energy density and is prone to low availability due to the withering abuse imposed on its structure by energetic neutrons and ions. It needs a partner to fulfill its great potential.

But even with all these faults, even restricted by part time operation, the fusion/fission hybrid is a prodigious producer of nuclear fuel, and it can produce proliferation proof U-233 best; a fuel that is best burned in a thermal spectrum. Because of this, the thermal spectrum Lftr is inevitable; an equal partner in the future of the world wide energy production endeavor.

A very small and inexpensive reactor with high availability and a long lifetime that a thermal neutron spectrum makes possible; a reactor that can be deployed anywhere in the world without fear of abuse; this is the shape of our future to come.

Those that make the decisions and spend the money won’t commit to an old technology at the very doorstep of the fusion era. They will wait till fusions problems are solved and it potential is realized. At the heart of all this great potential and promise, the heart of our future prosperity and indeed our very survival, the sparkplug that will make it all go will be the Lftr.


LarryD said...

I use Firefox, the links show up as gray text, instead of black. I presume this is from the css set up, because it's different on other sites.

Anonymous said...

I find some of them show up but not all. I'll have to look up css set up.


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