Saturday, November 28, 2009

Climate of Fear, Ignorance and Lies

The Anti-Nuclear Alliance of Western Australia (ANAWA) has recently produced a very slick, and highly dishonest video account of the nuclear power industry. The video, inaccurately titled "Climate of Hope," include claims that the use of DU weapons has lead to cancer deaths, an unsubstantiated assertion. Power reactors are characterized as being modified versions of plutonium producing military reactors, and spent nuclear fuel is portrayed as a source of weapons quality plutonium. The video grossly exaggerated claims about minor nuclear plant incidents, turning them into near nuclear meltdown. Nuclear power is characterized by Chernobyl and three Mile Island. Nuclear safety advances are, of course, ignored, as is the safety record of the nuclear industry during the last two decades. The problem of nuclear waste is treated as if it is it is an unsolvable problem. The absurd claim that nuclear power will eventually lead to carbon emissions equivalent to fossil fuel plants is advanced. The environmentally unsound of biomass is touted as a large scale energy source, and CO2 emitting Combined Heat and Power (CHP) facilities are treated as if they are a carbon free alternative to nuclear power.

The potentials of renewable energy sources is greatly exaggerated, and their problems are minimized or ignored. The necessity of burning massive amounts CO2 emitting natural gas along with solar and wind generation is ignored, as is problems of geothermal energy, such is the triggering of earthquakes, and the release of large amounts of radioactive gasses, generated the radioactive decay of uranium and thorium deep within the earth.

Once more the anti-nuclear cult relies on lie, misinformation and one sided presentations of facts to make its case. The Anti-Nuclear Alliance of Western Australia gives not the slightest hint of how this very high quality video was paid for, but its relative tolerance of of burning fossil fuels, betrayed my its advocacy of fossil fuel based CHP might be an indication. Australian coal interests are bitterly opposed to nuclear power and undoubtedly stand ready to back anti-nuclear propaganda from any source.

Update: My first attempt to link to the video was not successful. Lets hop that the You Tube links work better.


Finrod said...

Charles, I'm not seeing the video, just a blank space below your post's text where another paragraph, or a youtube vid might go. Is there any way to remedy this situation?

Charles Barton said...

I posted new links.

Finrod said...

It turns out this video was produced in 2007. I note that one of the advisors listed in the credits was Dr. Jim Green of FOE, who has commented on behalf of the anti-nuclear position on some threads on BNC recently.

Meanwhile there's a poll on a pro-nuclear article put out by Business SA here:,22606,26419066-2682,00.html

As of about half an hour ago, over a thousand votes had been recorded on the poll, and they were running over 80% in favour of nuclear power (don't be too suprised if an anti-nuke autobot is dispatched soon to turn that result around though).

So we may take heart that after more than two years, the sleek, professional ANAWA video has not exactly been a ringing success in strengthening the anti-nuclear support base.

Frank Kandrnal said...

The Anti Nuclear Alliance of Western Australia (ANAWA) cannot portray the truth about nuclear power in their video. By telling the truth they would lose all arguments against nuclear power, hence they capitalize on fear and lies. They take a great pain not to mention any thorium nuclear technology because it would instantly blow out their propaganda machine. In their video they explode nuclear weapons too frequently in an attempt to produce fear frenzy, then they try to convince you that nuclear power stations have the same carbon foot print as fossil fueled power plants.
In short, this video was produced by idiots and it is intended for very ignorant audience.
For a group that is supposed to be interested in environmental protection, the ANAWA is too stupid not to include at least thorium nuclear technology in their fossil fuel elimination objective.
ANAWA is a bunch of anti nuclear fanatics, not very interested in protecting the environment, otherwise they would take a closer look at what nuclear power has to offer.


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