Friday, November 13, 2009

Indian Nuclear Power

This video provides an interesting sketch of the development and potential of Indian nuclear technology.


David Walters said...

F*-ing inspiring!
With their fast reactor program, they could be in a situation where they are able to *export* U-233! Yeah!

Excellent video.

soylent said...

Here's a thought.

If the US is going to get rid of its U-233 supplies and can't be persuaded to do otherwise; perhaps the it could be persuaded to simply give the U-233 to India instead of going to great expense to denature it and make it permanently inaccessible?

ducking for cover said...

Hi Charles.

Saurav here.

India pretty much wants to set up a thorium GNEP in the future.

However the substantial introduction of Th-232 blankets in FBRs will begin probably in the 2025-2032.

It is felt that its better to first reach the second stage of our program reach a critical mass before introducing thorium in a big way.

Four more FBRs will come up by 2020. There is also a move to build bigger FBRs in the 1000 MWe category. Doubling time will be reduced by using metallic fuels.


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