Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nuclear Green on the Energy Collective

The Energy Collective picked up my Alternative Wind Backup post. Stephen Gloor, an Australian Engineer, picked up on my post and started a vigorous debate on my dissatisfaction with wind CO2 performance. Gloor is far from stupid, and he proved a serious opponent during the early part of the debate. But when I was able to responds to his arguments he fell back on reciting trite anti-nuclear line, and began parroting Amory Lovins. By now the debate is up to 17 comments, which is quite a lot by Energy Collective standards.


dennis said...

Dennis Baker
penticton bc canada V2A6Z3
RE : The solution to climate change.
( human excrement + nuclear waste = hydrogen )
The USA discharges Trillions of tons of sewage annually, sufficient quantity to sustain electrical generation requirements of the USA.
Redirecting existing sewage systems to containment facilities would be a considerable infrastructure modification project.
It is the intense radiation that causes the conversion of organic material into hydrogen, therefore what some would consider the most dangerous waste because of its radiation would be the best for this utilization.
I believe the combination of clean water and clean air, will increase the life expectance of humans.
yours sincerely
Dennis Baker

Charles Barton said...

There are better uses for once through reactor fuel.

dennis said...

Mr Barton

I beg to differ, as you know ethanol manufacture will cause people to starve, therefore we let them eat first then create energy!

clean water is a neccessity of life and unfortunatly dumping sewage (treated or not) is not condusive to anyones goals.

superbugs are created in sewage discharge as well.

replaceing the fossil fuel powered electrical generating facilities should reduce cabon emmissions to below 1990 levels.

so whats your better usage of nuclear waste

Charles Barton said...

dennis, Nuclear waste is not waste at all, it is in fact reactor fuel. There are reactors that can use so called nuclear waste as fuel, and thus to consider it waste is a mistake. There are some radioactive fission products in post reactor fuel, and these might have some use in waste treatment.

dennis said...

Might have some use...........Not very specific on your part

Guess what I do have a use, and I've been quite specific!

And to be a solution to global energy needs.
energy needs increase with population increases, and so does the supply of excrement.

What better use could you possible consider?

Charles Barton said...

dennus, I have discussed the so called "nuclear waste" issue in a number of posts on Nuclear Green.

dennis said...

thats not specific enough, what are your uses and do they out weight mine in the collective good?

dennis said...

By the way did you get asked for your input to this?

Dennis Baker

Dear Colleague,

The World Nuclear Association and the Nuclear Energy Institute are seeking papers to be presented at the WORLD NUCLEAR FUEL CYCLE 2010 conference, to be held 27-29 April 2010 in Munich, Germany.

The objective of WORLD NUCLEAR FUEL CYCLE 2010 is to provide an international forum for the discussion of issues affecting the commercial nuclear fuel cycle, with a focus on enhancing the economic competitiveness of the nuclear fuel cycle and nuclear energy.

You are invited to submit one-page abstracts of papers addressing policy and commercial issues affecting every aspect of the commercial fuel cycle, including the following areas:

Key trends influencing production, conversion, enrichment, and fabrication
Fuel market supply and demand issues, both near-term and long-term
Inventory analysis
Nuclear fuel procurement strategies
Fuel management practices/advances
Efficiencies in plant management/operations
International trade issues in nuclear fuel
Fuel market/non-proliferation implications of surplus weapons fissile materials
International trade in nuclear components, technology, and services
Nuclear materials transportation
Spent fuel disposal issues, including on-site storage
Competition/deregliation in the electric industry
Market implications of privatization efforts and utility mergers

Please submit abstracts by 1 December 2009 to:

Suzanne R. Phelps
Senior Project Manager, Fuel Policy

Nuclear Energy Institute
1776 I Street NW,
Suite 400
Washington, DC 20006-3708

Tel: 01.202.739.8119
Stephen W Kidd
Director of Strategy & Research

World Nuclear Association
Carlton House
22a St. James's Square
London SW1Y 4JH

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7451 1533
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7839 1501


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