Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Annie Leonard explains Cap and Trade

Annie Leonard is confused about her own solutions, but makes a strong case that Cap & Trade CO2 systems won't.

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Soylent said...

Unfortunately she seems to support using the clumsy hand of the government to pick winners and losers; in particular she seems rather enamored with renewables, which are of course largely a scam and a distraction in their own right.

The government should just implement a carbon tax and gradually ratchet it up, simplify the NRC from the monstrous tangle of red tape it is now and step out of the way.

In particular the NRC should get their funding directly from applicants rather than the roundabout way of budget application to congress and recovery from applicants that exists now.

The ALARA concept, which is of course a scam to run up the cost of nuclear energy relative to coal without contributing materially to safety, should just be axed outright. Coal particulate deaths corresponds to several Chernobyls per year in the US; it is very silly to price nuclear plants out of competition in order to save fractional lives. If ALARA applied to fall-deaths from roof-top solar you'd need robots to install them on roof-tops.


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