Tuesday, March 2, 2010

And I thought my workstation looked like a mess


Rasmus (trkdirect) said...

This is the American way. A cluttered desk is seen as perfectly normal ("I am busy !") whereas a clean desk is seen as weird, abnormal, freaky. Go to most other places and it's completely flipped. A clean desk in Europe would tell others "I got my work done ... I am efficient.." etc.

Bill Young said...

A spread like this is only appropriate for the inventor of the internet.


DocForesight said...

"A cluttered desk implies a cluttered mind."

At times, I am guilty of this axiom too, so I am not immune to it. The difference is I am not schlepping the world scolding others for using the resources I use.

Charles Barton said...

Bill there is a widespread myth that Al Gore claimed to be the inventor of the internet. Not so, but Gore was very farsighted is seeing the potential of the internet and in offering the legislative framework under which the Internet has seen remarkable growth. Gore has been honored by pioneer Internet developers. While I am not thrilled by Gore's attitude toward nuclear energy, Gore was one of the few public voices - along with my current congressman, John Duncan, Jr,, - who voiced strong opposition against the war in Iraq. Gore also was a notable defender of Civil Liberties at a time when the president and congress were all to ready to shove them aside. None of us our perfect, and Al Gore certainly has his flaws, but when the chips were down Al Gore stood up. For that he is owed our respect.

Charles Barton said...

Doc, an empty mind is uncluttered.

DocForesight said...

Charles, are you implying something or am I reading too much into your response?


Charles Barton said...

Larry, I just wanted to nip in the bud any discussion of the bogus story that Al Gore ever claimed to have invented the internet, and any other partisan slanders of Gore. While I question whether Gore would have made a great president, I suspect that he would have been a better president than G.W. Bush. Gore's thinking about energy is deeply flawed, and he is perhaps too distant to be an effective national leader, but he had many good moments during the last decade.


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