Monday, August 9, 2010

From Nuclear Green to Nuclear Red?

NNadir posted on Nuclear Green yesterday,
Whatever the merits of my work, or my ability the fight for nuclear energy remains the most important task before humanity.
Such sentiments lay behind my decision to create Nuclear Green. Normally I would cheer him, but perhaps after his Daily Kos, experience too much praise coupled with absence of disapprobation, might seem disconcerting to him. But I am not going to throw spit balls yet.

A few days ago, David Walters commented in response to my announcement that NNadir was going to join the Nuclear Green team,
I think Nuclear Green has become the sort of 'hard left' (not in a political sense but in the activist, polemical sense) for nuclear power, willing to state things no other blog is willing to do, and back it up with facts.
I thought to accuse David of changing my blog title from Nuclear Green, to Nuclear Red. Of course David also commented,
As we say in The Bronx: Fuck an A, bubba!!!!
Thus if we do not change the color of the blog, we may change the color of its language to please David.


crf said...

+ if people complain about the language, just say you were frustrated about your voice dictation software ;-)

Jim Baerg said...

I don't get anything when I click the link for Nnadirs post.

Please fix


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