Monday, August 16, 2010

The LFTR Advocacy Community's use of Social Media

Dan Yurman sent and email yesterday to participants on a "social media" list of nuclear power supporters. Dan's email called attention to a presentation by Robin Fray Carey, CEO of Social Media Today, on the use of social media to communicate business messages. After viewing Carey's presentation, I recognized that it nicely demonstrates the extent to which the LFTR advocacy community is already making effective use of Social Media. Not only do we have active blogs,
We have a discussion forum,
We have done outreach to The Oil Drum readers,
We have done outreaches to the Energy Collective,
we have several Facebook pages,
We have a presence on Wikipedia
we have a presence on twitter,
we have numerous YouTube videos.
We have reached out to scientists and engineering professionals through media articles in professionally oriented journals.
we have reached out to technically sophisticated young adults in a Wired article published in January.
We also are using social media sources that are not mentioned in the presentation, for example a page in the How Stuff works site.
Have we been effective? You bet ya. No one had heard of the LFTR 4 years ago, because the term had not been yet coined. Today, lots of people have heard of it, and the LFTR has taken a life of its own on the Internet, quite apart from the core community of LFTR advocates. Even Bill Gates has mentioned the LFTR in a televised speech, and James Hanson mentioned it in a letter to President Obama.


Meredith Angwin said...

Hi Charles

As I noted on the list, the LFTR social media use can become a model for many people.

LFTR supporters use social media in two ways:

- Research Collaboration (exemplified by the Forum)
- Outreach (Google talks, Facebook pages, etc. Reaching people who are not involved in research.

Great job documenting this!


Jason Ribeiro said...

Charles, maybe you can kick this post up a notch by making the links real links. Google loves links, especially ones that are grouped with relating words to other relating sources.

Anonymous said...


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