Saturday, February 12, 2011

Frank Munger gets a "No Comment" response from Y-12

Long time Knoxville journalist, Frank Munger has an exceedingly interesting story titled, Y-12, Libya, Stuxnet, and things that go bump in the night. The story involves the possible testing of the Struxnet virus with Lybian P-1 centrifuge that were shipped to the United States and stored at Y-12 in 2004.Munger has speculated that some of the P-1s were used to test the Struxnet virus, and had enquired to that effect at Y-12. After 5 months Munger received an answer to his question. The answer was, "No Comment."


Anonymous said...

This is not surprising. DOE policy on any query that may involve classified information is: "No comment."

The Jasonator said...

They probably had no idea what a "Struxnet" is, and naturally assumed it to be a virus that only affects dyslexic trolls that can't be bothered to run a spell check. With it only affecting lazy mythical creatures, you would expect them to make no comment, just as you would expect if you had asked "what plans have been put in place to protect nuclear power stations against attack from dark elves and fairies?"

Charles Barton said...

Jasonator, i do run my spelling checker, but I am also visually impaired so I don't always see it when the spell checker tells me a word is misspelled.

Charles Barton said...
This comment has been removed by the author.


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