Saturday, February 19, 2011

Report Finds Troubling Rise In Teen Uranium Enrichment

Here is what to look for. If your teenager glows in the dark, it is likely he or she is involved in illegal uranium enrichment. If he or she is flashing a lot of Yuans and Euros, and is driving a new Mustang GT and you didn't shell out the money to buy it, then he or she may be enriching uranium and selling it to would be foreign nuclear proliferators.


Atomikrabbit said...

As a teenaged Toper might say, "LMFAOROTF!"

LFTR_Fan said...

==> Then there's "The Radioactive Boy Scout" (for real) who in 1995 decided to take his Atomic Energy merit badge all the way and build a rudimentary breeder reactor in his backyard potting shed. The ultimate "scrounge" used thorium from several hundred lantern mantles, americium from dozens of smoke detectors, tritium from more dozens of night-vision rifle scopes, radium from antique alarm clocks, lithium from batteries, beryllium from a friendly hospital lab, and advice from the NRC and DOE -- all to create an atomic pile with a neutron gun for breeder capability. Fortunately his efforts to manufacture yellow-cake failed, otherwise he would have had plutonium as a by-product. The breeder reactor was about the size of a shoe box and weighed around two pounds. And it WORKED! He pulled the plug on the project when he began to detect elevated radiation levels a block away from the shed. OOPS! No control rods.


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