Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The World's Most Beautiful Rivers: Melton Hill Lake, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

The Pelisipi (Clinch) River at Oak Ridge in East Tennessee. Yahoo had a feature this morning on the world's most beautiful rivers, but somehow ignored the Pelisipi. Pelisipi is the native name for this very beautiful river, known to us palefaces as The Clinch River.
The Pelisipi (Clinch) River near bridge 27.


Andrew Jaremko said...

Charles - great photos and a beautiful river. Are they your photos?

Looking at them, They remind me of a conversation I had with a friend - just looking around us, plants look good; the air is still (mostly) clean; the sky is beautiful. It can be hard to believe that changes are happening and that they're serious. It's far easier to deny anything invisible to me and just carry on the way I wish things could be... Thinking and making changes is too much work for most people.

Charles Barton said...

These are not my photos. I wanted to respond quickly to the Yahoo beautiful rivers, and found these pictures.

You are right about the problems related to thinking and making changes.

Anonymous said...

Here's a couple more images of some beautiful waterways in Lamington National Park, SE Queensland, Australia. Not far from where I live.
Coomera River in Lamminton
and from a little further back into the mountains and rain forest proper:
Elabana Falls in Lammington
Lamington is a remarkable area of great diversity with multiple quite distinct forest communities including warm and cool sub-tropical rain forest, warm and cool temperate rain forest, various Eucalyptus forests and heathland characterized by Banksia. A botanist's wet dream.

One has to wonder about the effect of a few degrees rise of temperature on this wonderful place. What are the implications for bushfire - the great enemy of rain forest? Would it mean an end to the ancient Antarctic Beech forest that can only exist on the high cool ridges?

It would be much better if we did not have to ask these questions.

Anonymous said...

World's most beautiful rivers....? Nonsense! You'll need to go to New Zealand to find those. That is where most the beautiful rivers are to be found. Even better than ones in Australia or Asia (and there are some beauties in those places).

Honestly, North Americans fellers seem to be igrint about the rest of the whole world...!


Unknown said...

love it as it is amazing.
niagara falls


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