Monday, October 10, 2011

Petitions to the White House

I noted a few days ago Brian Wang's petition to the White House in support of nuclear education. That petition still needs 4505 signatures. In addition to Brian's petition I want to call your attention to the White House petition calling for "Provide Funding for Liquid-Fluoride Thorium Reactor (LFTR) Research and Development for Energy Independence." This Petition requires 25,000 signatures and states,
Thorium is nearly a Perfect Fuel. Fund it's development.

It has been presented to Google and Videos below.

Liquid-Fluoride Thorium Reactor (LFTR) has been proven by previous US research and operated for nearly 5 years (1965-1969).

LFTR is PASSIVELY safe. During a loss of power or overheating, nuclear fuel is separated (passively) into non-critical holding tanks. It runs at low pressure compared to existing reactors.

LFTR is CHEAP, proliferation adverse, and domestic.

Thorium has proven reserves of well over 1000 years of current world usage.

Thorium could produce power for the entire world at levels far beyond current production.

Imagine a world with nearly infinite power.


Gunnar Littmarck said...

Hi Charles Barton.

I'm so disappointed that so few sign. Even they who are against nuclear should welcome education.

I thought that my little blogg should get at least 500 names.

I shall go on in every technical forum there are here in Scandinavian.

What I can understand, we from all over the world have the same value when we sign?

Nuclear energy is the only energy system that can create a global welfare to 2050, in that way nuclear energy is the only sustainable energy system.

Charles Barton said...

In order to make aPetition work, we must work ourselves.

Daniel Ely Rankin said...

@Charles Barton

I have been pushing this (LFTR Petition) as fast as my fingers can type via Google Plus, Facebook, and soon to be Twitter.

I have a few that are helping me, and a few possible corporate interests. I also will point out that its only the 6th day or so, out of 30, and 32 individual states have signed. So we have the reach, we just need the signatures now.

find me on gplus or Daniel Ely Rankin to get updates on progress, critique my method, help spread the word about it.


Daniel Ely Rankin said...

oh, and I definitely signed the Education petition.

Jim Baerg said...

Are these petitions only for people from the US?

Daniel Ely Rankin said...

I believe they are US only. I encourage you to start something similar in your country.

Kirk Sorenson has mentioned wanting to work with anyone interested in the technology.


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