Sunday, April 1, 2012

Comments turned into spam

Once again Blogger is messing with my comments. this time they are being hugely iresponsible. This Morning I approved a comment for posting. Later I tried to look it up in order to respond to it. I discovered that it was no longer posted. I checked what had happened to it that all of my recent comments had been sent to spam, including one of ny own comments. Furthermore the spam folder had been altered and the not spam button had been removed. Any button I could push would send all of the coments to oblivion. I suspect this may have been the work of a hacker. biy p can't put ot past Google to be so stupid.

Update: all but one of my posted have been restored, and the spam file has regained the "not spam" button.


High Power Rocketry said...

The work of a hacker? It sounds like a temporary blogger glitch more than anything...

A solution may be to allow all comments and then just delete spam as it comes in.


I've had problems with Huffington
Post. They do not like anything in
favor of Nuclear. Even though the LWR
problems were predicted by Weinberg
and LFTR MSR was his remedy.

John said...

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Joffan said...

@PLANET THORIUM: There are comments deleted regularly on high-traffic HuffPo threads for no preceptible reason, but I'm pretty confident that happens regardless of viewpoint.

Otherwise there are pro-nuclear commenters on HuffPo, although there are also determined anti-nuclear commenters who have a habit of flooding threads with miscellaneous anti-nuclear top posts. Very frustrating.

If you are commenting on HP, it's probably best to try to avoid knocking any nuclear technologies too vigorously. We can debate LWR vs LFTR elsewhere but in that venue that whole idea of nuclear power is not secure enough to hold an internal debate.


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