Saturday, January 5, 2013

That Was The Year That Was

Greetings to everyone. Charles wanted to post our "after holiday letter" in order to explain to his readers why he has not been posting for some time. - Becky Barton

Greetings Everyone,

We realize that Hanukkah, Christmas, and the New Year have already come and gone, but we thought we would go ahead and let you know how we have been doing and that you are in our thoughts. We have kept Knoxville doctors busy during the past year. This is why you may have heard that Knoxville is one of only three cities reported to be in economic recovery.

The past year has been a long journey for Charles. He was admitted to Saint Mary's Hospital on Thanksgiving day, November 24th 2011. His primary symptom was kidney failure, but during the next few days his heart stopped beating twice and one of his lungs collapsed. Charles was in intensive care for eleven days. He had heart surgery and was then transferred to Select Hospital, a critical care hospital, where he stayed until the middle of January 2012.

Charles was then transferred to Asbury Place, a rehabilitation facility for patients who are on ventilators. It is located in Maryville, Tennessee. He stayed at Asbury Place until mid March. He made remarkable progress there; rebuilding his strength from being flat on his back for over a month. He progressed to the point where he was able to have his trache removed.

After Charles left Asbury Place, he suffered a decline in his vision due to glaucoma and despite surgery on both of his eyes, his vision is limited. In spite of this, he has made remarkable progress although he still has a ways to go.

During the past year, we have tried to maintain our sense of humor. Despite the problems we have faced, we found a great deal of love for each other and for our friends and family members as well. Sometimes being alive and with the one you love is sufficient to bring great happiness.

We are extremely grateful to each other, our families and friends, and the doctors, nurses, and therapists who have helped and supported us during this time. We hope your holidays have been filled with peace, love, and joy.

May your New Year abound in hope, happiness, and renewal.

Charles & Becky

P.S. Becky happily retired from the University of Tennessee Libraries at the end of June

additional note: Charles is unable to read email or snail mail. If you want to contact Charles, it would be best to contact him by phone. If you wish Charles' phone number, leave a means of contacting you in a comment together with a request for Charles' phone number. Include a request that your comment not be posted, if this is your wish.


Meredith Angwin said...

I am glad to hear of Charles progress. I always knew of his courage! I am deeply sorry about his eyes.

Can you send me his phone number at mjangwin at gmail? I would like to call him.


NNadir said...

Well Becky, it sounds tough.

Charles has been a wonderful fighter for nuclear energy, and I am sorry to read of all of his struggles with his health.

If he'd like to chat sometime, please email the number to

Ronald Shapiro said...

Charles, Becky and All

I've always enjoyed the "Nuclear Green Revolution" I usually check in a few times a week. I remember the previous 'Hiatus' then Charles subsequent posts as to his health issues.

This 'Hiatus' I feared we were going to lose Charles and he was in my prayers.

Returning to the Blog now, I feel that Charles' commentary, historical outlook and updates are the best right up there with Kurt Sorensen's. The Blog is an excellent historical resource and I hope that it is always be available.

I'm thankful Becky is in the mix as it were. Please count me in with those who would like to know how well Charles is getting along. I understand and justifiably so that many readers only want a unadulterated Nuclear Green Blog. But from my readings I feel Charles is intimately connected to the history of Molten Salt Nuclear Reactors as well as being present day proponent. Hence I feel a personal connection inasmuch a Blog and it's Reader can have.

It is a Happy New Year knowing Charles is still here with us

Ronald C. Shapiro


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