Saturday, February 9, 2013


The original title of my pro-nuclear blog was Nuclear Green. The primary interest was in Molten Salt and Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors. As I began to explore the potential of this technology, I came to see more and more possibilities. This technology could not only replace fossil fuel energy sources in advanced industrial nations, but could also revolutionize energy in developing economies. Molten Salt Reactors could perform a variety of energy functions that light water commercial reactors were unable to do. It was quite possible that Molten Salt Reactors could compete with light water reactors in fields such as base load electrical power because the costs of Molten Salt Reactors was potentially less than the costs of light water reactors.

At the same time, the LFTR was capable of providing for the energy needs of human society over periods extending for millions of years to come. The LFTR matched  Renewables in terms of fuel availability and far exceeded them in terms of reliability. Because the LFTR made such efficient use of its' fuel, far fewer resources were required to build LFTR generation facilities, energy storage and transmission lines. LFTRs are capable of producing stored energy that can be used during peak demand, but at a lower price and far more predictably than wind or solar generators.

The Indian economy can be powered by India's abundant supply of Thorium. China also has an abundant supply. The Chinese are following Kirk Sorensen's advice by investing hundreds of millions of dollars in LFTR research. Kirk did not offer this advice directly to the Chinese, but the Chinese were apparently listening in to conversations that Kirk was having and liked what they heard.

The word "revolution" suggest the turning of a wheel. I have argued on Nuclear Green that the wheel turns back to its' beginning as far as energy is concerned through the use of Molten Salt and Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors. It moves on and on offering us a new human beginning. One which is free of carbon dioxide; one which potentially makes poor nations rich. One which potentially will allow everyone on earth, all humans, a comfortable life. One which will help us turn the wheel back on energy related environmental problems. This is the Nuclear Green Revolution.


Robert Hargraves said...

Charles, glad you're up and atom again.

Rick Maltese said...

Hi Charles

I like your idea of the wheel. It kind of ties in with the notion that we are co-creators with a higher intelligence either that or our civilization has finally evolved to the point where it holds it's own destiny within grasp. That destiny could go either way. I must admit I prefer the Thorium way.


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