Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dr. Charles Forsberg and the MSR Molten Salt Reactor


Andrew Jaremko said...

Thank you for this video, Charles. It also leads to the Energy From Thorium Foundation's YouTube channel. I'm going to be watching more of their videos there.

John in the Lot said...

I appreciate very much the insights which this video gives. Starting from the market and its requirements really concentrates one's mind on the economics. To summarize, the peaky supply resulting from solar and wind installations requires a response from other power generation capacity that can ramp up very quickly and take advantage of the high prices that such capacity commands in the market. Using a molten salt reactor for the base load feeding heat to a high temperature air Brayton cycle power generation plant already has significant efficiency advantages. But because it is already spinning, and by burning gas one can very rapidly increase output, there appears to be an excellent technological and economic fit.
It seems to me that Charles Forberg's conclusions are unarguable providing the market conditions are similar to his Californian and Texan examples.

DW said...

This actually makes no sense to me, charles. If a LFTR version of the MSR is online, one can raise and lower load almost at will at almost any speed, so why all the complication of burning dangerous natural gas?

I also think his figures for what at the ISO pays for grid stability is not anywhere near the figures he gives. Most ancillary services like Mhz reguation and speed control on the system are paid at pennies per MW.



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