Friday, July 4, 2014

Energy Cost Innovation: Liquid Fuel Nuclear Reactors


Anonymous said...

Hi Charles, I used a block quote from one of your posts ( about the non-flammability of nuclear grade graphite ) on Next Big Future blog, then failed to attribute it due to a glitch on my ipad. Just wanted to apologise for the unintentional piracy, and thank you for the excellent work you've been doing. Hope your health is better.
John ONeill ( New Zealand )

Micheal said...

Energy provides everything from economic growth to sustainable civilizations. Basically without energy there is no bulk production of food, employment, transport, education or medical facilities Not just the basics of civilization but all the luxury items as well. Those of us that have energy can't live without it. A sustainable and affordable energy supply is no longer enough. Nations must also strive to have an independent energy supply. Independent energy supply is when a nation is self sufficient in supplying all of it's own energy requirements; hence it is not dependent on another country to supply its energy or its energy fuel.


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