Saturday, February 14, 2015

Per Petersin's reactor

Per Peterson is not included among the potential builders of Molten Salt technology reactors.  Yet as this video reveals, Peterson is engaged in Research for a Molten Salt cooled Pebble bed reactor.  This concept is not as attractive to chemists, as the conventional MSR. but it does offer significant protection from proliferation risks entailed by the LFTR and Uranium Fueled MSRs.  Thus the PB-MSR offers low cost, very efficient and highly safe energy with low proliferation risk. This form of reactor would lessened the risk involved in increasing the energy input into politically weak societies.  Nations which already posses nuclear weapons, are unlikely to use LFTRs or MSRs to add to their already huge nuclear stockpiles  While many economically advanced, politically stable nations would have little to gain and much to loose by violating anti-proliferation treaties, and thus could be trusted with MSR/LFTR technology.  Here is hoping them that Per or some of his associates launches a project to build PBMSRs.


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