Thursday, June 25, 2015

Robert Brice Demonstrates our Failure ti Stop the Coal Disaster

Robert Brice demonstrates demonstrated in a recent essay on the future of coal that  the failure of the Greens, to rid the world of the scourge of coal, and its CO2 byproduct. Brice argues that the human desire for energy and the wealth that it can create will drive people to use more and more coal. Thus we are doomed, and as Brice demonstrates Renewables are not the Answer. Is there no path away from the coal dilemma?
Robert Hargraves has argued that LFTRs can be built and operated more cheaply than coal. Uranium fueled Melen Salt Cooled, solid fueled and simple Molten Salt Reactors, can be built and operated at a similar price to LFTRs, also at a price that is lower than coal. MSRs have huge advantages over coal asside from their lower cost. Coal fired power plants have far more indirect costs than MSRs and reactors such as MS-PBReactors. Not only do they cost less to buyild than coal fired power plants, they can be3 built rapidly in factories, and can be transported by rail and by barge. Thet are extremely safe, and they will be highly reliable.

Robert Bryce, Energy Policy and the Environment Report 14, October 2014

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