Tuesday, September 1, 2015

MSR Review: A Review of the Review

MSR Review is a serious examination of the Molten Salt Reactor's potential for development in the United Kingdom. Six private MSR
projects, but not explored in depth. These include four North American startups and two European projects. This review covers a variety of topics that are seldomed mention in open science discussions.of MSR technology. These include the problems posed by insurance and regulation on the launching of any new MSR first of a kind. I suspect that such considerations would be less of a problem in anada, and this is perhapse why the MSR is making perhaps its greatest headway there. Sections of the Review focuse on the history of MSR research and development. Other sections deal with descriptions of MSR design and operation.
The Review picks out its favorite horse for the race, a rather quirky horse, that appears to owe ins conception to the very early (perhapse K-25)) days of Oak Ridge thinking about MSR before the notion that the Coolant salt could also be the fuel carrier had become firmly fixed in ORNL reactor designers minds. At any rate picking the local horse is not always the best policy, especially because the Local Horse requires new research, which the well troden ORNL path offers research that is already in the can, and therefor very cheap, and acquired simply by reading old ORNL research reports.
The MSR Review is a fount of information, even if not always wisdom, but that is for the informed reader to judge. It ought to be read by anyone who is seriously interested in the future of Global post-carbon energy, and more than read, talked about.

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